Enjoy Cuba / Enjoy Travel Group

We present to you what is behind our new brand

We could tell you in great detail about the changes we have made to our brand . What meaning does our new symbol have, why a different typeface and even the reason for our name change. We could write entire pages explaining countless graphic details and semantic resources of our new corporate identity, but all this is not really important. The change of our brand is much deeper, it goes far beyond image, graphics and aesthetics.

It is an evolution

the result of experience, as a solid base for our growth. Because if we have learned something in the

20 years

that we have been in this sector, it is that people

come back differently

de los viajes que le organizamos. Siempre hemos entendido la palabra viajar como sinónimo de "experiencia" y "autenticidad", permitiendo a los viajeros sumergirse en la cultura local, bucear en sus tradiciones, mezclarse con sus gentes…

Phrases like “I didn't imagine it like this, it surprised me”, “I can't believe what I've seen”, “the people there are wonderful”, “we've fallen in love” and many more resonate constantly when they talk about their experience.

We've discovered

that traveling is also taking an inner journey, removing stereotypes, beliefs, and learning new things. Traveling is synonymous with personal growth.

We have understood

familia, parejas, amigos, empresas, agencias, en fin, … nos une al mundo.

This is why we have felt the need to evolve, be much more ambitious and allow all our travelers to live unforgettable moments and grow as a person. In a new, fairer, responsible, sustainable, accessible way, responding to all the needs and particularities of travelers.

Now we call each other

Enjoy Travel Group

because the most important thing for us is that you enjoy your trip, that it leaves an indelible mark on you, that you discover much more than you can read in a guide, that you feel much more than you can see in a photo or in a video, as spectacular as it is.


We change our name because we want to cover more for you. More destinations, more places in each destination, more experiences, more emotions and intense, pleasant, moving, memorable moments... And we do it because we know that the most valuable are intangibles, that no possession has as much value as the intangible baggage of the experiences lived in each trip and the personal enrichment.


For this reason, we do not tire of saying that

Travel join us

. It unites us as a family, as friends, as a couple... Traveling unites us with the world, with its towns and its people, with the environment and respect for biodiversity. It unites us with culture, health, sports, diversity...

Traveling unites us with you because we accompany you on your trip from the first moment, advising you, researching and discovering for you, resolving any questions and keeping in touch with you to be able to act in the event of any unforeseen event.

Because you can always count on a whole team at the destination that will accompany you at all times.

Thus, our new brand is one

new way of understanding travel

, the result of many years of striving to live up to your expectations, of accumulating knowledge to be able to provide you with authentic, immersive experiences, journeys that leave a mark and that begin before you leave

and continue when you've returned